ERA COP on Many universes

We are all both particles and waves and the more we share science the more we learn about the microcosm in us all and the macrocosm that we all participate in and are at the same time.

We have begun to agree we cannot possible know everything in an ever expanding universal order that is a continuous flow. We have begun to rely on each other knowing in some level we are all particles and waves.

We are all changing constantly. We are in control on many levels. Life is an amazing thing that we do not contribute enough research into for our own knowing. Learning is important and the many universes is now an accepted thought wave and particle.


We must learn to share more of who we are and how we have become to know who we are, what we are, and why we are here. We as a human have an opportunity to learn about where we are in this universe and how it connects to many others.


How we assemble our own thoughts and how we can understand who we are may be based on levels of understanding that are built upon precepts in time after time.

It could be that reincarnation is a way of existing in the reality that we choosed to co-create together and make it become reality.


What iff all universes are connected with pure thoughts that we learn to expand as our hown horizons? What if we become more than one being and we exist in more universes than this one?

This is now up for science  to prove or disprove. We have phenomenology and philosophy and we share what we can prove to be repeated.


What if everything can be changed but somewhere in the course of expansion that thoughts are repeated after a metamorphosis for some time in space. We know that we all change. We know that at some level in time and in space in this reality we will cease to appear in physical form. Our loved ones may contine to think about us and this may keep a part of us alive.

What if all universes are co-created with thoughts. We can now begin to understand that thoughts are deeds. It is time to consider we are more than one way of thinking and that the universe is universes.

Just as there are more humans alive than our own individual selves, there can be as many individual universes. Each human in the world co-creates their own worlds. We may be responsible as that which is both order and chaos just like part particles and waves.

We have some new words and communication has become an artform.

Right now while I sit and type this it is a joy for my ears to hear my youngest daughter Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish Bowers in my living room who is laughing at herself on her phone. She was laughing due to some photos that were posted by her sister Stephanie Esther Parrish. I know that this event has now passed and wonder if I will ever get to experience that moment in this universe again or in another universe. There is a part of me that wants to believe we are all in multiuniverses.

Let me add that when a part of me died in this lifetime when I had Ginger on January 27, 1974, I have memories outside of myself. So does my daughter Ginger. This knowing became a part of me and I am not limited to knowing that I am limited by my physical body.

This world is not the only place I exist and I know that life is eternal Proving it to another being outside of my own physical self may be an impossible task.

However, if another human sees this and is allowed to open their minds to the fact that there is more than one universe then maybe I have served my part in this one.

I have learned that there is more than one and I am listing the way my brain understands this reality. Mine has seven (7) layers of reality.

Universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, That is the three (3) then we add the four

Xenoverse, Omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse. I have four (4) more to make it a 7 universal understanding inside my own head or brain. See if you can follow the logic I have from experience. Experience and learning to communicate what I know is now a part of my life.

Over time, I hope to live long enough in a 3D reality to share what I know to be my own truth. My truth is expanding in this universe about all the other universes that are outside of this one and expanding. It is apparent we are to share this in cyberspace in ways that are incuded in this place in space we share online.

Come share with me and we can learn to expand our own consciousness together.

Theresa J Morris Story April 21, 2017

Theresa J Morris
TJ Morris ACIR
TJ Morris Media
TJ Morris ET Radio
Paranormal Researcher
Author-Radio Host

TJ Morris
Entertainment Talent
ACE Metaphysical Institute
TJ Morris Agency

Theresa J Morris
ACO Founder

TJ Morris ET
Cosmos Radios Network
TJ Morris Media
Theresa J Morris author, researcher, talk radio host, health freedom advocate, former hospital corpsman in the U.S. Navy. Trained as a legal investigator, private investigater, and certified in business and pubic security was also a professional witness in court cases. After losing family members to cancer including her mother, TJ began a quest to learn all she possibly could about alternative treatments in the health and wellness industry. TJ has now made it her life mission to share the most remarkable discovery she made on her quest which is spirituality and accepting we share a balance as body mind spirits sharing the birth life death process.The vast majority of humans do not learn about proper nutrition and the second brain in our gut some call the human biome.
Having near death experiences and learning how to eat to stay alive became an important part of living. However, knowing how to think and about what matters became an important part of being human. Learning what is important to life and how to manage and balance life became a part of the eternal learning process.
TJ speaks frequently on radio,at seminars, expos, conferences, churches, and is a regular guest on multiple radio shows and writes for numerous magazines and websites. Speaking from personal experience and extensive research.

TJ has touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

TJ calls this the Ascension Age in which she offers to share her near death experiences and her life with those who have made contact with her. Some call them angels while others call them aliens. TJ has founded the Alien Contact Organization for those who desire to continue a spiritual quest for knowledge in futurology which we share in co-creating together.
Theresa J Morris known as TJ on talk shows, has been given a return on life on several occasions and believes it is important to understand why we return to earth to live a life and learn to manage our own body-mind-spirits.
Sharing what matters about our own management of our whole life which includes our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies is a part of growing up as a humanoid sentient intelligent being. TJ has learned about her own body and staying balanced. This includes the chemical balance we need by what we ingest. Also, where we go, and what we choose to know is an important part of who we are and what we shall become. Who we choose to share information with and incorporate into our own inner world of perceptions into our own reality is a part of our mental health.

Learning is an education process that not everyone is willing to spend quality time on while life does have a purpose and meaning, there is an important aspect we tend to forget. Life must be fed an inner connection to the whole macrocosm. We cannot function properly without being connected to the entire whole.
Just like our inner physical body has a way to stay balanced so does our emotional and mental bodies. Now, we share our spiritual and astral bodies and talk about our inner essence as that which is truly what is connected to the outer source of all creations.

For now, we are sharing that when we get out lives physical body out of balance we become ill. The same goes for our emotional and mental bodies. We have to continue to support our whole life which includes all our bodies that is attached to our astral bodies that can travel.
We will be sharing more topics that allow us to confirm that we are human and alive. Lately, we are hearing more about our inner selves and probiotics.
Sharing what matters about our regular life directly that we may have not been taught in schools about our eating habits may be something we have to change. We share a delicate inner life system inside our gut. Our inner world inside our bodieshas over 100 trillion organisms – fungi, bacteria, yeasts, and other microbes – collectively known as your “microbiota.

Bacteria living in and on us are not invaders but are beneficial colonizers. The hope is that, as research progresses, we will learn how to care for our microscopic colonizers so that they, in turn, can care for our health. bacteria living in and on us are not invaders but are beneficial colonizers. The hope is that, as research progresses, we will learn how to care for our microscopic colonizers so that they, in turn, can care for our health.. There are over 10 trillion microbes that inhabit the human body, collectively called the microbiome. Most of them live in the gut and intestines, where they help us to digest food, synthesize vitamins, and fight off infection chemicals and vitamins created within your gut, as a result of the many interactions between the different microbiota. Likewise, there are several amino acids and hormone processescreated by and connected to what happens in your microbiome. If your microbe family is in disharmony, these interactions may be altered, or not present at all, leading to deficiencies that affect your health, mood and wellness.

MARS Conference – Mobile, AL May 6-8 2017

MARS Conference – Event

Mars Moon Space TV
The 6th Annual MARS Conference

The 6th annual MARS Conference 2017. Will be held at the University of South Alabama in May 2017.

Speakers are

Andrew D. Basiago

Sasha Alex Lessin and

Janet Kira Lessin

William White Crow

Billy Carson

Thomas Mikey Jensen

Bret Colin Sheppard and

Karen Christine Patrick

Ken Johnston

Host and speaker

Lewis Michael Rhinehart

This conference will be held at the University of South Alabama in Mobile.

307 N. University Blvd. #130,

Mobile, AL 36608,


Attending the conference both days:

100 Dollars.

Note that this does not include meals at the university,

Meals are 20 dollars for both days.

February discount .  Buy now and save 25 dollars for the 2 day ticket to 8 speakers !

Speakers this year will Be

Andrew D. Basiago

Janet Lessin and Sasha Alex Lessin

William White Crow

Billy Carson

Thomas Mikey Jensen

Donate 75 Dollars and become a VIP guest.  Being a VIP at the conference includes Lunch (both days) at the University, dinner with the speakers after the conference (both days), and access to the 3rd day gathering with the speakers inclusive dinner at the host Lewis Michael Rhineharts home in relaxed surroundings.

Host and speaker

Lewis Michael Rhinehart

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Donate 75 Dollars and become a VIP guest. Being a VIP at the conference includes Lunch (both days) at the University, dinner with the speakers after the conference (both days), and access to the 3rd day gathering with the speakers, inclusive dinner at the host Lewis Michael Rhineharts home in relaxed surroundings.

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The 6th Annual MARS Conference 2017

Tentative agenda:

Day one: Saturday, 6 May, 2017.

9:00 am – 11:00 am: Andrew D. Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars/The Egypt-Mars Connection

11am – 1pm: Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin – Annunaki/Egypt/Mars

1:00pm-1:30pm – Lunch

1:30pm – 3:30pm: Billy Carson – The Annunaki and Mars

3:30pm – 5:30pm: Lewis Michael Rhinehart – The living Mars.

6:00 – ? VIP’s only.  Dinner with the Speakers at a local restaurant.

Day Two: Sunday, 7 May, 2017.

9:00 am – 11:00 am: William White Crow – My experiences on the Red Planet

11:00 am – 1:00 pm: Bret Colin Sheppard and Karen Christine Patrick – The Dimensions of Mars

1:00 pm – 1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm – 3:30pm: Ken Johnston – The Mars/Moon Connection

3:30pm – 5pm: Thomas Mikey Jensen – Mars seen from the rovers

5:30 – ? VIP’s only. Dinner with the speakers at a local restaurant

Day three: Monday 8 May 2017  VIP’s only

Private gathering with the speakers at the host Lewis Michael Rhinehart’s home

with opportunity for photos, private discussions, in relaxed surroundings followed up by dinner later.

Donate 75 Dollars and become a VIP guest.  Being a VIP at the conference includes Lunch (both days) at the University, dinner with the speakers after the conference (both days), and access to the 3rd day gathering with the speakers inclusive dinner at the host Lewis Michael Rhineharts home in relaxed surroundings.

Keynote speaker is Andrew D. Basiago that will give his presentation “The discovery of life on Mars and the Egyptian connection”.

Founder and president of Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)

The mission of MARS is to lead the effort to research, disclose, and educate the public about life on Mars and lobby for the enactment of a treaty under the UN to protect the Red Planet from visitation, exploration, habitation, and colonization by humans from Earth.
Founder and leader of Project Pegasus

The mission of Project Pegasus is to lead the campaign to urge the US government to declassify and deploy its teleportation capability, so that this life-advantaging technology can be used by humanity to achieve sustainability in the 21st century and beyond.
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Chrononaut · 1980 to 1984 · Langley, Virginia

Served as early Mars explorer as team member in CIA’s Mars jump room program. Jumped to Mars and back via jump rooms located in New York, NY and El Segundo, CA.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Chrononaut · 1968 to 1972 · Washington, District of Columbia

Helped America achieve time travel as team member in DARPA’s Project Pegasus. In that capacity, was first American child to teleport via Tesla teleportation (1968).

Sasha Alex Lessin and Janet Lessin will give their presentation  “Anunnaki And The Mars/Egyptian  Connection”

Sasha Lessin Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) and Janet Kira Lessin, Spokesperson for Ninmah Consciousness, studied many years with Zecharia Sitchin, who asked Dr. Lessin to educate the public on the Sumerian records of Giants from the planet Nibiru, (the Anunnaki) goldmining, genetic engineering that produced our species, and the wars in which they conscripted us to die in their rivalries with each other, and, from the select line of hybrids, the modern power elite who today rule Earth.

The Lessins have written “Anunnaki, Gods No More,” “Anunnaki, Legacy of the Gods” and “Anunnaki: False Gods.”

Dr. Lessin relates Sitchin’s records of the Anunnaki on Mars that show the Nibiran King Alalu on Mars exiled to die on Mars, gold transhipped from an Anunnaki base there, Anunnaki astronauts (the Igigi) twice invading Earth. Janet Lessin relates her experiences as Ninmah, as she directed the erection of the statue of Nibiran King Alalu on Mars.

William White Crow Will be giving his presentation “My Experiences On The Red Planet”

“Ever since I was a young boy I looked up into the night sky with wonder in my eyes and heart. It was as if something was pulling me tugging at me to …I know this may sound strange but it was like something calling me home. Ever have that feeling? The pull from the stars maybe Mars itself?”

“I have Given my Talks many times Privately and Publicly and spoken at Conventions and am considered to be one of the Nation’s top 12 controversial speakers on a variety of subjects ranging from Survival & Emergency Preparedness, Secret Government Projects, UFOs, Earth Changes, The Future, War, The Paranormal, Weather Modification, Shamanism and more.

I have Hosted my own Radio Show and been interviewed on so many other Radio Shows that it is now difficult to keep count. I have also been interviewed by various Spiritual Magazines and Newspapers as well.”

William White Crow..

Billy Carson will give his presentation “The Emerald Tablets. The Anunnaki, Mars And The Egyptian Connection”

Billy Carson is an avid blogger and social media manager. He currently owns and manages over a dozen social media accounts with followers totaling over 1 million. Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Topics discussed range from ancient suppressed knowledge to current day events. Billy Carson is also an expert host on the new original streaming series by Gaia named ‘Deep Space’. This series is an exploration of the “Secret Space Program” and the types of technologies being used along with their potential origins. Deep Space airs Mondays on Gaia.

Besides that Billy are co founder of “UFAH” United Family of Anomaly Hunters, together with Thomas Mikey Jensen. UFAH has now gathered a collection of anomalies on Mars photographed by NASA Satellites and Rovers  that contains 1000’s of pictures found an enhanced by the members.
Billy Carson started his own business in internet marketing, web development and sales in 1998 and grew the business into a multi-million dollar corporation, which he then sold to a publicly traded company in 2004. Billy Carson has since branched out and now owns over a dozen lucrative corporations.

Thomas Mikey Jensen Will give his presentation “Mars Seen From The Rovers”

Thomas “Mikey” Jensen was born in Denmark in 1977.

He had his first alien sighting when he was 5 years old and his first UFO close encounter when he was 8.

Thomas always had an interest in the universe and remembers that as early as 6 years old he would look for UFO´s after dark in his backyard.

While Thomas wanted to be a scientist and work with space technology, he soon realized he was born in the wrong country for the pursuit.

The topics of Mars, the Moon, and Space has been bonded to Thomas since childhood, so he named his popular Facebook group, “Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club” – active online since 2014 where he also started Mars Moon Space TV YouTube channel and his homepage

His work has multiple times gone viral on the internet and have been the source for many articles by various news sites and researchers  around the world.  Also he has produced more then 500 videos about the subject Mars Moon Space and Disclosure.

Thomas also founded “UFAH” together with Billy Carson with the sole purpose to Find and publish evidence of life in the universe

Lewis Michael Rhinehart will give his presentation “The living Mars”
I have been retired since 2010. I retired from a Company I owned, Sound Hearing Solutions, as a Hearing Aid Specialist . I spent 18 years as a H.A.S. owning my company since 2004.
My D.O.B. is 5/22/51 and since my mid-twenties I have been very interested in UFO’s, aliens, etc. In essence I became a Ufologist reading all I could on the subject. At the same time I became interested in all things spiritual, with a main focus on NDE’s. 9/11 was the catapult for my true awakening as it was for many others. I knew instantly when I saw a tower fall that something was amiss. This was the beginning of my research into the truth in all things.
Regarding my work with Andrew D. Basiago, I was researching child music prodigies when I was prompted by YouTube to view ‘Boriska, The Boy From Mars’, an interview by Project Camelot. I was then prompted to view a paper written by Andrew D. Basiago entitled ‘The Discover of Life on Mars’ published on 12/12/08. I could not find the paper so on 01/08/09 I contacted Andy who responded the same day directing me to the paper. I downloaded the paper, printed it out, and absorbed the information. Understand that I was fully aware at the time that we were not alone, but, the last thing I thought was that Mars was inhabited. I then proceded to download Spirit rover image PIA10214, the image that Andy based his landmark paper on and not only found what he pointed out in his paper but more.
I comunicated with Andy regarding this and began to work on analyzing Mars rover and orbiter images. After a short while Andy invited me to be an official Photo Analyst for Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS). About two years ago Andy appointed me VP for Science and Education of MARS. I have also hosted and organized five MARS conferences beginning in May of 2012 with the last held in Mobile, AL in November of 2016.
Lewis Micheal Rhinehart

Team Sheppard and Patrick is the research team of Bret Colin Sheppard and Karen Christine Patrick.

Bret Colin Sheppard experienced a time anomaly where his anomaly finds from the future were shown to him in art class at his high school, where he was told that it was “art from various artists.” Whoever did this time mission also knew that Bret has a photographic memory and this would be locked into his memory until a later time. Years later, he feels compelled to pursue looking for anomalies in space agency images of the moon and Mars. He started a Facebook group for anomalists to share their finds called the Lunar Anomaly Research Society. He is known in the anomaly community for some of his discoveries, the Lunar Acropolis, the “Jupiter 2 UFO on Mars” and the Lion of Cydonia. Bret is writing his book on his anomaly finds, plus what he found deconstructing the manipulation of photos from our space agencies. His forthcoming book is called “Digital Moon”

Karen Christine Patrick was in recruitment as a schoolchild in California in a program called Project Talent, in the late 1960’s, that was looking for gifted and talented students. Descendant from Project Paperclip and MKUltra, Project Talent was a clandestine program developed as a way to secretly screen schoolchildren for psychic and remote-viewing abilities. Because her parents put her in a religions school and because of Karen’s religious upbringing, this caused her to suppress gnosive abilities. Later in life, not only does she remember many incidents of receiving downloads from the morphogenetic field, but she comes into contact with several alien intelligences, including an Anunnaki ancestor, These guides help her throw off the suppression and she is able to know what she needs to know to help catalyze Paradigm Galactic, humanity knowing about a populated cosmos. Patrick has authored a book, “The Anunnaki and the Moon” and works with others in radio, and in publishing books. Karen is a co-host on Aquarian Radio on “The Experiencer Path” on Friday Nights.

Bret and Karen live in New Mexico with their family and two dogs.d Patrick is the research team of Bret Colin Sheppard and Karen Christine Patrick.

 Ken Johnston SR Will give his presentation “The Moon and Mars connection”

Dr. R. Ken Johnston, Sr. one of 4 Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilots from the Apollo Moon Program, is a retired aerospace engineer, US Marine, and “NASA Whistle blower.” He refused to strictly follow orders and destroy a nearly-complete collection of 8″ x 10″ glossy photo-prints from the Apollo program, photos that are not available from NASA at this time and are of a higher resolution than what is found on-line. Johnston was born at Fort Sam Houston US Army Air Base in San Antonio, TX. 1942, and studied at Oklahoma City University. He enlisted in the US Marines in August, 1962 and reported to Pensacola as a Marine Officer Cadet for flight training in September 1964. He left active duty from the Marines in August 1966.

Johnston was hired by Grumman Aircraft Corp. because of his training as a pilot with an avionics background to become a principal contractor for the Apollo Lunar Module testing. His duty was to assist with cockpit and instrument development and Astronaut training at the Manned Space Center (to be renamed the Johnson Space Center) in Houston, Texas, as a “civilian astronaut consultant pilot.” Ken Johnston worked as a contractor from 1966 to 1972, during the Apollo Program, and he was employed by Brown & Root Northroup, principal contractors to NASA for management of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, where all the moon rocks were stored, curated, cataloged and in some cases, distributed to scientists who had successfully applied to carry out analysis in their own labs.

An important part of Johnston‘s duty was to provide photographic and preliminary analysis of the lunar samples to the contributing scientists from around the world. The photographic documentation was to document the lunar samples exact location and orientation in situ. In addition to the photos he provided copies of the lunar sample information catalogs to the scientists. As such, he had in his office several sets of photographs taken by Apollo astronauts with their chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras. When the lunar sample distribution wound down, he was instructed by Bud Laskawa, his boss, to destroy what remained of the photo archive, but Johnston kept one set as a personal collection for a work portfolio.

Johnston applied to NASA for the 1977 astronaut selection for duty as a Space Shuttle astronaut, but was turned down because NASA wanted the astronauts to be PhD level scientists. The ideal astronaut was no longer a “jet-jock”, but men with scientific accreditation. When NASA was recruiting again, Johnston re-applied, but was considered too old. He did, however, join NASA’s educational outreach program as a “Solar System Ambassador” traveling and speaking to civic and youth groups about space exploration and careers in engineering and science.








The Conference Venue Location

Information Link:
Making this an International Event we have coordinated USA and Denmark Public Relations

307 North University Boulevard, # 130

This conference will be held at the University of South Alabama in Mobile.
307 N. University Blvd. #130,
Mobile, AL 36608,
Attending the conference both days:
100 Dollars.
Note that this does not include meals at the university,
Meals are 20 dollars for both days.

dreamers by TJMorrisAgency

Unreasonable Force ordered on Dr. David Dao?

Was unreasonable force or violence ordered on Dr. David Dao? We have some damage control that can not be undone. Sorrow for all of us has now been experienced in our overall reality. We wonder how we will change our future. This is not a mystery. We saw what happened based on communications on smart phones recorded and now seen in TV and online.

It happened Sunday night, April 9, 2017, and a use of force and we hear that this happened because room was needed for 4 United Airlines employees. “Poor planning on your part does not mean an emergency on my part” comes to mind.

We are waiting for a complete story from bonafide investigators for the public by the public. Reality is that there needs to be a complete picture which needs to be shared chronologically. This is said, not to be overbookking and we can listen to the MSNBC video I am sharing here.
MSNBC on Youtube is available if one desires to subscribe along with many other great media companies for news. I added more below. I am only one with an opinion and decided to take the time to share this in my real life experiences. I want to know the entire story do you?

The Dr. David Dao etal versus United Airlines, etal is now a major story among so much of humanity. This should not be a court case but it will be filed in Cook County, Illinois. Watch these videos and some of the information will become clear.

Human to human this is horrible that we are sharing this time in our lives in which we can no longer experience getting on an airplane without worry for our lives before it even lifts off the ground.

This makes me question whether I will ever fly again with United Airlines or any other carrier. This goes much further than this one passenger named Dr. David Dao who was dragged of the plane.

The culture of our planet and flying over the world has now changed.

Videos have gone viral on youtube and in the news. We see news on television and online in cyberspace. Americans will be telling stories about this for a very long time.

The world will wonder about the USA and specially United Airlines and flying.

When we hear of this, and when we see this our world changes. We will have to rebuild our lives.

Dr. David Dao, his wife Teresa Dao, their 5 children, 7 grandchildren, United Airlines employess and passengers,and the world had an interruption in their lives.


Apologies are the beginning of a healing process…

Seat on Bus, Seat on Plane Changes History!

Rosa Parks would not give up her seat on a bus, now Dr. David Dao had to get home on an airplane and said so.

I always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true. I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day. I was not old, although some people have an image of me as being old then. I was forty-two. No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.

– Rosa Parks: My Story, p. 116, Rosa Parks and James Haskins (1992)

Personally, I am appalled at the videos I have seen in the news on television and online regarding the United Airlines passenger who was dragged off of their airplane. Dr. David Dao was returning home from a vacation in California with his wife according to his daughter, Crystal Pepper in a news conference.

I would never have known the humans name or the chance was slim to none of learning about him if this incident had not happened. He was a person in the wrong place at the wrong time in history. This could be his ultimate reason for existing in this lifetime. Showing the culture we are presently a part of has now come into question because he like someone else in history refused to give up his seat.

There is a larger macrocosm story here than just a man getting dragged off a plane. It was not that he tried to stow away or was boarding with no ticket. He did not break the law. He could be anyone who had trusted the United States of America. He trusted United Airlines. He trusted the system that is in place for all citizens in this world.

did not want to be mistreated, I did not want to be deprived of a seat that I had paid for. It was just time… there was opportunity for me to take a stand to express the way I felt about being treated in that manner. I had not planned to get arrested. I had plenty to do without having to end up in jail. But when I had to face that decision, I didn’t hesitate to do so because I felt that we had endured that too long. The more we gave in, the more we complied with that kind of treatment, the more oppressive it became. – Rosa Parks

I personally know that deep changes are occurring in cyberspace news.

I am okay with learning that due to our smart phones and their capabilities that we can now get the reality of who we are, what we experience, and who else should see our world in real time.

The videos taken on the plane by passengers show what happened and the videos are going viral. World changes occur when we are given communication resources. We can share what really happens to people in the world. 

There will be a law suit for compensation filed in Cook County, Illinois and Dr. David Dao’s families attorney will have up to two years to build a case. Investigations into every word that protects all our freedom as individuals who fly the skies with United and all other carriers will be an issue.

Calling law enforcement into a corporate air place and  world space will now be investigated. Changes are going to happen. How we use policing our humanity is in play. Were the individual officers removing a man from an airplane at fault for using force and touching the human?

How we experience with our own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves as essence is important. Who we are as individuals will go on trial. “This Dr. David Dao, etal, like Rosa Parks, etal will change human history and human rights.” – ERA COP

What is happening to our USA? What is happening to our airlines? Is this a reflection of the way we want to treat human beings? What pubic relations message by United Airlines does this send out to the human race? What about all the passengers that were on the plane? What about all those who are effected by the way we see humans treat other humans? Is this okay with the world? With humanity?

A man who happened to be a doctor was dragged off a United Airlines airplane by law enforcement officers will forever be remembered in history. Dr.Dao has five children. Dr. David Dao’s wife is Dr. Teresa Dao, 69, a pediatrician in 1234 Woodlawn Dr. Elizabethrown,Kentucky 42701, 27 years in business. They have done a wonderful job of raising four out of  five children to also become doctors. They are also grandparents to seven grandchildren. All of these people will know along with us what happened to them and the world and how we look at United Airlines and “flying the skies with United.”

People with smart phones recorded the incident and this is a part of what we do, how we see our world, and how we share what is being done on a regular basis.

We are viewing the changes happening in our world and I for one am glad we now have smart phones for communications of inhumane treatment of our people in this world. We treat humans and animals inhumanely and we must learn how to fix what we call order in chaos. Time to look at what we allow in our own police policies and procedures. Law enforcement officers were called to deplane Dr. David Dao although the man had purchased a ticket.

How does this change United States Civil Rights Change based on History and the practice of David Dao’s wife,

Teresa Dao MD PSC, Elizabethtown, KY  42701


Place and space and how we police humans is now in play in the “Game of Life!”- Era COP


More Information:


Human Compassion – Benzene Poisoning- MDS

Theresa J Morris
These are a just a few articles I have found that indicate that those with severe benzene poisoning can detox over a period of months by taking certain foods, compounds and supplements. DNA damage can be corrected by other spiritual/holistic means, even of well-trained MDs say that is impossible. You might want to look these over and maybe consult a naturopathic physician who has some experience in detox protocols. At the very least, it seems that improvement of conditions can be a reality with a systemic approach to diet and certain therapies that don’t have to interfere with treatments prescribed by MDs.
I hope this helps,
ACO Member
Phil Laing
ERA COP Reporter
My daughter has acquired Benzene poisoning as a professional painter. This information has been shared with me. I hope to share this with my daughter who is Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish Bowers born January 27, 1974.
We came into this world under harsh circumstances. We both flatlined. They had to take her from me caesarean section and I watched her birth from over head. This child is now going through pain due to the shots, infusions of platelets, bone marrow removals from her bones and other tests. We just returned from Moffitt Cancer Center where she agreed to further testing and will be able to obtain a bone marrow transplant from a donor on the National Registry. She is given a 50/50 chance of living after this transplant procedure.
My daughter is very positive about her outcome and has spoken to two other patients of Moffitt Cancer Center who had this procedure.
There is a huge learning curve now in all our lives. We are learning about each other and that we all have a separate journey and yet that is inside our epidermis. We can share our existence with others outside our epidermis if we so choose.
How much we choose to share is up to each individual.
There is a lot going on inside my own epidermis. May I share that I know I am the same as everyone else who is alive on planet earth. However, being one who has lost others in this life, my mother and father, two brothers, and two husbands, that life on earth is perplexing to say the least. There is much we do not know.
Why do we have children if only to bring suffering afterwards? There must be a higher purpose. We are here to bring light into the dark is one philosophy.
My daughter is a spiritual being with an essence of spirit and soul that is a remarkable specimen as a human being.
She has now been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS.
We who care about others have a connection to all life. Many of my friends are empathic. We feel that this essence we all share has a certain empathy assigned to us at our spirit and soul level. Some may call  this feeling an understanding of compassion.
Regardless, this person who has called my on my landlne to make contact took the time to read my first article called “How to Be” by Theresa J Morris and responded to it. This is the response.
Now we can share that where two or more are present in his name he is there also. Call it life, essence, existence, consciousness, God, whatever you like.
We are concerned for my daughter’s life and well being.
I am in communications and a part of this universal order in the larger macrocosm.
We are learning daily about who we are, why we are here, and what we are co-creating.
This life can be consciousness at it’s very core existence. What is existence?
Phenomenology was the core of my learning to relate to words and how to create my story.
I am the Editor, Manager, Owner and Mother of some wonderful girls. I had four daughters in this life.
I am the daughter of a woman who wanted to write and did. She taught me to write at a very young age. She taught me many things. I hope that this article will assist others to see that we do not have to be lonely. Being lonely is a choice in some people’s existence.
My life is transparent as this is a choice I am making in order to share this co-creation among those who want to share their lives as my friends.
What is real? What stories do we want to tell? This is the place we can define and erase words and pictures and even videos if we want to add them
I hope to share what is good and sometimes what is real because we are feeling with our emotional body.
If you are being and are existing and want to share your humanoid sentient intelligent being self this may be the place for you to express yourself.
This is my Cosmos Connetion and I will continue to co-create with those who desire to participate in my life on a regular basis.
My guides above or my higher self if one chooses is allowing me to be a part of the Cyberspace Community.
What we do and who we are may now be defined in a larger way on a larger canvas.
This is my canvas.

How To Be? by Theresa J Morris, ERA COP

We who have been given a life on earth are here to learn how to be. Learning how to “BE” is a lifelong commitment to learning. Maybe my way of being and speaking is simple.

I am learning to be me. The words that we share I am taught is a form of communication. For now I am feeling things happen in my cranial region first. Then it is a chemical reaction inside of me from some energy that changes with each thought. Sometimes I am not sure the thought is supposed to be inside of my own head. How do we know if it is our thought? I am learning how thoughts work. I want to know where thoughts are created.

We compare what we see, with what we already have seen when we use sight. We also have other senses besides our sight. I am using several such as hearing while I sit and touch the keys on a keyboard of my laptop while I type this. I am not a poet and struggle to become a writer.

My likeness has changed over the years as I aged while on this planet. I am learning how to be okay with the change in time while we are here on this planet while I learn how to be me. I miss my mother and father and two brothers who have passed. I miss my husbands who have passed. I know that moving on from this place in space is part of life while here on the planet and we call this process the birth-life-death process while we are biological beings. I have recently began wondering more about life while we pass over to the other level of existing beyond the physical realm. I visited a place in space once or twice while I was having near death experiences.

This along with the amazing visions of what we call spacecraft not of earth origin have appeared in my own personal being. Are the things I have seen with my own vision now a part of me? Are the things I experience assisting me to learn to be?

I am learning what happens inside my own physical body are different from all that is outside of my body. Maybe we should teach our children about learning abour our own body first and how it works before learning about other things outside our body. We seem to want to stay alive. I had a friend call me once after he took pills and right before he felt he would pass. He told me it was too late and he would not tell me where he was and told me to not call his sister. He died and I read about it online in Variety because he was a producer in Hollywood before he passed. Paul Rosenberg understood about himself and was trying to understand how to be.

I can see and I cherish all who can see and all those who cannot see. What vision allows us is a way to learn as one of our senses. Seeing is not everything but it does help. Seeing what is real about ourselves does not require eyes.

I am learning to be but I want to know how to be more. I am losing some of my eyesight and maybe I can get better prescriptions for my glasses.

The stimulus we all share can be fun and also can be factual. Learning various words to describe how to be is now a part of my life.

I am learning perspective while I learn to mediate for my own higher self. I do believe certain things until they become a knowing. So learnnig how to perceive is also a part of my being.

Getting information is a part of learning education. I was told recently that the only thing we can do is “WALK-DRINK-SLEEP” and there was a very intelligent man who shared this in a medical office as he referred to my grown daughter and what we could do to help her while she goes through this possible cure of what has happened to her.

She has acquired “BENZENE POISONING”. For all of us who have not understood certain things that do not happen to us in our own epidemis this is hard for me to comprehend. My daughter has contracted a disease inside her physical body. I am learning that there is nothing I can do to assist her even though I want to help her, and to cure her. She is now diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome.

I lost my husband and I could not cure him. I wonder why? Why can I not cure people? Why can I not learn how to BE ME?

I am learning that HOW TO BE is not so easy. I ask tough questions that sometimes while seeking the truth there is only facts that have no real answer. And yet, I am supposed to remain learning how to me is how to be.

How to be is a process. How to be me is a process. How to learn I cannot be another human being is part of learning how to be.

I love me and I love people and I love to learn. Maybe for now love is the key on how to be. We can matter and love can be shared not only inside of us but outside of us. I will do my best to learn about love and how it relates to us all and how to be.

TJ Morris ET Radio Host

Timely Manor

There was a reason I was sent back again to this life on this planet.

Watchers are considered something other than an angel and a humanoid sentient intelligent being as a mortal. We are immortal souls and most are under a delusion that this is all there is. There is always more to life than that which we share as usual senses.

We share the worlds that deal with various realms inside the dimensions which are engaged inside all universal boundaries. We share that there is a stacked universal order.

We have to come back to assist those who are in our worlds that go on forever. Life without others is not a world I desire to live in. I do have a mission and have accepted this world with various layers.


There are stories that are going to be told over time on the ERA COP Magazine. It’s all about the American Communication Online History.

TJ Morris ACIR ACO American Communication Online.