TJ Morris American Speaks REBALANCE NEEDS (Food, Energy, Jobs, Mental Health Care)

This election is about BACK TO BASICS on November 9th, 2016~We are AMERICA!564597_139021342909204_171298056_n

We believe in love, life, and the pursuit of happiness!

We the people want to make sure we have the basics for all Americans and we are simple and fair. on world decisions made for us. We need votes and forums and town hall meetings and we must be involved with our own government. People are waking up to the fact that their voice and vote counts! Credible formal and temporary adhoc are about making a difference. There is cyber attack. Right now being an American I understand that in the past history since Word War II we have an obligation that is becoming the problem to restructure the world and the world view of what America represents. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

We must save for retirement and help with the basics Home, Children, Charity, College and Office including Safety and Security.

Ways & Means Committee  Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas is the Chair Person for the Ways & Means Committee Chair.

What do we want for our children? Pro-growth and the government needs to be transparent on all decisions for the AmericanPeople.

It appears Senator Bernie Sanders still has a lead in a movement  of Independents and he is too far left for moderate Democrats.

Both Trump and Clinton are in with  Wall Street while Americans do invest in Corporations that make a difference with Profits.

The world depended on stock markets and Wall Street stock markets and comparisons around the world. What happens to America happens to the world. China and Russian knows this! They invest in the USA to purchase their goods and services.

We are already in a global trade and commerce. There is no going back. The children that do not understand capitalist nation is still the What makes America great is Free Enterprise.

The children must understand the infivual’s freedome to make it as a business owner. A soul needs to understand how to be a soul and a

sole owner. We do not want people to forget what this power to the people and their own vote counts means in this country.

Our best will suffer and do without due to that which causes oppression. Poverty in America is real! Get these people jobs!

We are causing people to suicide and have mental illness from American’s not electing Leaders! Leaders lead in America.

The movement to make sure Americans have inclusiveness in the global economy. We are entering global tectonic economics.

We want a woman in the White House but not Hillary because we do not trust her.

Trump makes outlandish rude remarks and has filed bankruptcy about 4 times in corporations.

We have to work with may opportunities0

Do we want a simplified tax code?

Global Cyberspace and Strong Leadership are reshaping the world is now a major matter of all our lives.

Agent-Consultant- Organizer Events PR
Events PR

We are getting “Back to Basics”.

We need creditable answers and solutions in this world.

Foreign policy and most challenging national security history. Geo-political competition and technology is creating new change and turbulence.

Domestic challenges in the last 20 years share two costly wars, and terrorissts threats out of the Islamic Isis dysfunction.

We want to leave this world in security. The State Department and the Council of Foeign Relationshave shares a major role in our global wording and our agenda.

How do we advance American foreign policy in the world?

We will be talking and communicating in cyberspace.

Media now shares mainstream and cyberspace culture which is updating global reality in the world.

We need acknowldgement of the basic propostions and what is a global order after the second world war. Reflect, Protect, and Respect our challenges in American Foreign Policy.

We must be involved and not let things shape us. We have to pay attention, reinforce, rebalance, and reshape our economic foundation and investments in infrastructure in our education and revamping our values and our politics.

We have work to do around the world to spared the message of what our fight is about. Women’s rights, education and civil rights, a migration of people from the south and the east.

We are adding our fundamental differences with Britain, Canada, Australia , Phillippines,Thailand,and a total rebalance for growth and opportunity. We are watching the RISE IN CHINA. We have helped their country by buying the products here in the USA. We need to understand now that we should buy “MADE IN AMERICA FOR A BALANCE”.

Time to Speak up as of today on C-SPAN. Majority Whip Re. Steve Scalis, R-Louisiana – Majority Whip, and is Represetative for the State of Louisiana.

Small Business people share the American Dream acquire knowledge and education for all of our future.

Re. Paul Ryan, R-Wisonsin- Speaker of the House represents 1st District – Janesville, Racine, Lake Geneva.

We are hearing we will all learn to complify tax codes.25% Federal Tax and only 20% for corporate.

The Internal Revenue Service is being overhalued.

We work for 100% of our hourlay wage and how much moral and duty to offer a better obligation. People need a hand up to reach for in order to get out of poverty.

We need assistance in education, community, social culture in our future global economy. We need to take the lead America.

We the people who are the Old generation and the New generation in America. We believe we can reinforce the importance of our America in the world. We must be proud of our country and how we got here. History and what we co-create in the future is important.

Liberty, Freedom, Free Enterprise and Social Justice. We are sharing “A BETTER WAY”

The tax reform plan is now being talk about so we obtain the use for our taxes that we collect.

Our economy can grow but we need a detailed plan to simplify tax codes to all Americans and for our small say in this year to share a new blueprint or make the old one better.

There will be better managment with understanding a new talk and a new walk for the USA in 2017. All the world expects us to take a lead in the global economy with cyberspace online and in 3D in person..


Cosmos Radioe-course Companies outside of the USA have tools to connect to us in the future and America and large companies like ATT can assist us.

Rising and declining powers are up for scrutiny. The Whole World is Watching. Our foreign policy makes decisions and we shall look at who we have as an affirming team for all of us. Laying out an affirmative strategy rarely meets the morning news headlines.

The Truth is we need more money for infrastructure.

There are not enough dollars in the budget in communities, at state and federal levels dealing with the homeless, mental health, and physical health and medications for those who need it.

  • suicide prevention – mental health should be number one priority.

  • Poverty and lack of jobs is contributing to mental illness.

  • Education and skills are important to direct a path for healthy living

  • Not enough social services for assisting those who need it in our world in world needs.

  • Jails and Hospitals share critical issues

  • politics safe and grounded in diplomacy for global strength to build values

  • Civil Rights for all on the planet. Passion of USA to lead in the world.


Share in intellectual communication of difficulties operating in the global environment.

Truman conference as a Speaker.  2016 Truman Conference has grown and is making a difference in our National Security.

Republican and Democrat Agendas.

Much of who we vote for requires us to know we need proper communication of education, poverty and suicide potential, local churches and expenses will share.

Do you want to share in the upkeep of the people in the local economy or do you want more  money in the state and federal level.

We are suppose to save and invest for our future. Our children will want to know that there are ways to save for their future. Will our companies take out money for our children?

Right now suicide, poverty, mental illness, crisis intervention, economic growth, jobs, FOOD and ENERGY, soverignty and beter living principles.

We must share  making more jobs for all our self esteem and for us to speak out. We must be a part of our physical and mental health care.

Alein Contact TJ Morris ET

Theresa J Morris


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Theresa J Morris
Theresa J Morris is Author/Entrepreneur-Speaker – TJ Morris ET Radio Show Host. Theresa J Morris, known as TJ Morris.
Radio host, advocate for the working class net citizens.
Theresa’s books are available through many websites including her own
Theresa is a former toastmaster member and speaker on various paranormal phenomena.
TJ Morris shares vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations. Since the beginning TJ has focused on simplicity while inspiring creativity through solving problems with thoughtful guidance and suggestions including branding and product design for entrepreneurs and inventors. Being an Artist and Author TJ began her web presence as a syndicated columnist and graduated to a publisher and webmaster. As a result TJ has launched several brands and associations including the ACE and ACO in the world. TJ has become the advocate for various causes including civil rights while sharing ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. TJ Morris Media is a home for visual storytelling for everyone from brands, artists, authors, co-creators, educators, entrepreneurs, musicians, speakers, radio show hosts, web masters, and people with a creative passion. Theresa’s background is in investigations and getting the unbiased facts as a syndicated columnist. Her passion is ancient history and new conscious thought research of the critical mass mind and internet.
TJ now shares TJ Morris dba ACIR in American Culture Internet Relations in communications, education, and information in various topics including ancient history and forteana (anomalous phenomena). Paranormal Romance based on ancient past and new thought teachings with metaphysics is a passion of her writing interests.
Founding Director of ACIR-ACE-ACO Social Networking Internet Clubs. TJ Morris tm ACIR sm. Theresa’s Brand is known as TJ Morris dba ACIR. American author, radio host, and speaker who has had UFO sightings, CE5 Contact and has devoted her Life’s Work to sharing what she calls The Ascension Age with co-crafting and creating new spiritual education paths for the future. Theresa also known as TJ is a member of BMI. Theresa began her research in the human potential movement after NDE near death experiences. TJ shares her education and spiritual philosophy based on her experiences including UFO Sightings, ET Encounters and her continued research with friends who join her TJ Morris ACO Social Club. TJ Morris is the Talk Show Host of the TJ Morris ET Radio weekly. TJ has written several books including Cosmos Knowing Cosmology, Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Roswell Encounters, Alien UFO Story by TJ. Theresa of Ascension and others. TJ is now working with various small business entrepreneurs as a consultant. Tj’s work includes art, culture, education, social changes and a supports a new spiritual science movement for the Ascension Age as a “Family of Kindred Spirits.” TJ’s professional background is as a Private, Legal, and Government investigator, and
Investigative Reporter and blogger. TJ owns TJ Morris Hosting, Publishing, Radio

TJ Morris American Report

TJ Morris dba ACIR, Agent-Consultant-Organizer- Founder-Director

In order to form a more perfect union establish this Constitution with Articles and By-laws to meet the standards of incorporation in the United States of America. We abide by all laws and uphold the constitution of the United States of America. We consider ourselves in a cooperative as a CO-OP and are independent business associations and members of our organizations as support and fellowship groups as one whole community online practicing skills.

Theresa J Morris is the agent for both the ACO and ACE.

We share ERA COP as our Files for major decisions on our agreements while forming our future in the present online. We share that we are authors, consultants, organizers, and share in radio shows to share our communication and speechcraft. We are co-creators and work to share our opinions, views, and ideas we use in synchronicity.

Ascension Center Organization for Cyberspace Cultural Community who believe Alien Civilizations Exist! Archivists and Researchers who share as AUTHORS, Storytellers, and Role Playing with games both live and in archetypes based on the tarot. Past, present, and future role models. We are members and mentors who share life in cyberpsace and have an annual convention meet up group at the Mid-South Con in Memphis, Tennessee. We are based on the fact that “Alien Civilizations Exist!: ACE.

We share the ACE Metaphysical Institute for metaphysicians.-

2016 – In March – April- May we extended our events to include the 1st International Science Global Pyramid Conference with Rev. Marta Thomas of Chicago, Illinois. We agreed to have her on our CosmosRadioOrg Radio Show and to promote all her choices for speakers at this annual event which promotes the “Pyramid Family Gathering of Researchers.” Bruce Cunningham, Marta Thomas, Radmilo Anicic, Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, and others were accepted as speakers.

Officers for the next three years were decided after the passing of our former President Thomas R. Morris on Dec. 2, 2015. He was the grandson of John Crystal Morris who lived to be a Kentucky Colonel at the age of 108 years and 9 months before his passing. Ascension Center Church Org was added as a name and website in honor of keeping the spirit alive of the “Christ Consciousness” of Ascension.

Spiritual and Education Awareness is still the main mission for our Ascension Center Education (ACE) and spreading the word that Alien Civilizations Exist (ACE) and Adults Continuing Education.

ACO is the acronym for Ascension Center Organization and Alien Contact Org. The Cooperative is of volunteers as Lightworkers and Truhseekers. The main Ascension Center Articles and By-laws was accepted in 1993 and adopted again in 2012 with the TJ Morris ET Radio Shows on and also known as

Officers: voted

ACO MAGAZINEevery 3 years.

Board of Directors:

Theresa J Morris

Janet Kira Lessin

Thomas Anthony Sinisi

Bill M. Tracer

Thomas Becker

Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Phd. Board of Advisers

Dr. Alexander (Sasha)  Philip Lessin, Ph.d. Board of Advisers

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, Board of Advisers

Radmilo Anicic – Canada-New York



Alien Contact Org (ACO)~ Alien Cosmos Expos (ACE) ~ A Peer-Review-Journal~ ACO UFO CLUB~ TJ Morris ACIR

Since World War I We began Keeping = 20 year increments as generations from birth until Age 20 Since adults begin legal age as 21 accepted after junior college or 2 years as skills minimum paid for.

Education for our generations in the world. We would like to continue our trade and commerce/

Information and Artifical Intelligence is here to stay.

Aerospace Advancements for our future deals with 2025-2044 –

We share 2025 asfuture of humankind.

2 years – Associates Junior College by Age 21 years is planned.

We now recognize that the latter generations may not plan on higher education for Bachelors however, for those that do plan on receiving a masters and doctor in philsophy this will require masters and doctors education in

1 ended 1918(World War I Generation) – 1903-1923

Greatest Generation – World War II-1924-1945(WWI Ended 1918)

Baby Boomer Generation – 1946- 1964

Generation X – 1965 -1984

Generation Y (Millenials) – 1985-2004

Generation (Information Age) 2005-2024

Alpha Generation (Singularity Intelligence) 2025-2044

Bravo Generation(Bravo -Class 1 Planet Space Age) 2045-2064

For more information:

“All this data exhaust inherently generates privacy concerns and the need for protecting that data,” says Maguire, adding that she’s buoyed by the progress being made on a variety of fronts to protect personal data. “We must have ownership and oversight of our data.”

The third big shift being made by the information generation – those growing up in the era of Internet ubiquity – is in the arena of augmented decision making.

“Tech leaders increasingly are saying that we’re moving to a world where employees with smart decision-support systems in the workplace,” says Maguire, citing the example of a doctor pulling from reams of research at the click of a mouse. “We’re not talking about job displacement by AI (artificial intelligence) robots. We’re talking about having workplace tools that let us do our jobs better.”

Examples of this approach include Hong Kong’s efficient subway system, which uses AI systems to run simulated train lines to determine the best possible timetable while saving the company nearly $1 million a year, she says.

The fourth coming shift is dubbed “multi-sensory communication,” and is perhaps best exemplified by one feature of Apple Watch. Using a built-in tech that can tap its user on the wrist with a burst of energy, Watch is capable of relaying wearers’ heartbeats from watch to watch. Maguire calls this just the tip of an iceberg of tech innovations whose mission is to save us from information overload.

“The next decade will find us receiving information in new ways, using new senses,” she says, citing Marriott Hotels’ Teleporter, a roving device that allows visitors to be whisked away to properties around the world thanks to the magic of Facebook-owned Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles.


Experts: Wearable tech tests our privacy limits

“Some of this stuff might be clunky now, but early indications are that these breakthrough will become less contrived and more organic,” she says. “Soon we simply won’t be just taking things in through screens.”

The last shift circles back to the first. Under the heading “privacy-enhancing tech” are predictions of cryptographic breakthroughs that hopefully will deliver us from a reality where it seems every major outfit is being hacked on an almost daily basis.

Of all the shifts, however, this one clearly deserves the most attention. Without encrypted and secure data transfer, our digital lives will fast become an open book.

Says Maguire: “The question we need to keep asking is, simply, what is technology setting us up for over the longer term?”

To read more:


We can all agree that Millennials are the worst. But what is a Millennial? A fight between The New York Times and Slate inspired us to try and figure that out.

After the Times ran a column giving employers tips on how to deal with Millennials (for example, they need regular naps) (I didn’t read the article; that’s from my experience), Slate‘s Amanda Hess pointed out that the examples theTimes used to demonstrate their points weren’t actually Millennials. Some of the people quoted in the article were as old as 37, which was considered elderly only 5,000 short years ago.

The age of employees of The Wire, the humble website you are currently reading, varies widely, meaning that we too have in the past wondered where the boundaries for the various generations were drawn. Is a 37-year-old who gets text-message condolences from her friends a Millennial by virtue of her behavior? Or is she some other generation, because she was born super long ago? (Sorry, 37-year-old Rebecca Soffer who is a friend of a friend of mine and who I met once! You’re not actually that old!) Since The Wire is committed to Broadening Human Understanding™, I decided to find out where generational boundaries are drawn.

I started by calling the Census Bureau. A representative called me back, without much information. “We do not define the different generations,” she told me. “The only generation we do define is Baby Boomers and that year bracket is from 1946 to 1964.”

Next, I spoke with Tom DiPrete, a sociology professor at Columbia University. And he agreed with the Census Bureau. “I think the boundaries end up getting drawn to some extent by the media,” DiPrete said, “and the extent to which people accept them or not varies by the generation.” DiPrete explained that there was a good sociological reason for identifying the Baby Boom as a discrete generation. It “had specific characteristics,” and occurred within an observable timeframe. World War II ended. You had the post-war rise in standard of living and the rise of the nuclear family. Then societal changes disrupted those patterns, and the generation, for academic purposes, was over. His main point: “History isn’t always so punctuated.”

I understood why Generation X, a generation defined by turmoil and uncertainty, would be poorly defined. But what about Millennials? Doesn’t their shared experience of the millennium transition and technology provide similar markers? “I actually haven’t seen efforts to document [generations] rigorously, and I would be somewhat skeptical that they can be documented rigorously.” DiPrete said. The things that have shaped Millennials — the rise of technology and social networks, for example — “affect people’s lives differently.”

“The media in particular wants definitions, identities,” DiPrete said. “I don’t know that the definitions are as strong or as widely shared across all the boundaries. … At the end I think it gets fuzzy.”

Well, yeah. We do want definitions. And if it’s the media that draws the boundaries, then allow us to do so definitively.

Your official demarcation of generational boundaries

We identified six different generations, and labeled their eras.

Greatest Generation. These are the people that fought and died in World War II for our freedom, which we appreciate. But it’s a little over-the-top as far as names go, isn’t it? Tom Brokaw made the name up and of course everyone loved it. What, you’re going to argue with your grandfather that he isn’t in the greatest generation? The generation ended when the war ended.

Baby Boomers. This is the agreed-upon generation that falls within DiPrete’s punctuated timeframe. It began when the Greatest Generation got home and started having sex with everyone; it ended when having sex with everyone was made easier with The Pill.

Generation X. George Masnick, of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studiesputs this generation in the timeframe of 1965 to 1984, in part because it’s a neat 20-year period. He also calls it the “baby bust,” mocking “[p]undits on Madison Avenue and in the media” that call it Generation X. Ha ha, tough luck.

Generation Y. Masnick addresses this group, too, putting it “anywhere from the mid-1970s when the oldest were born to the mid-2000s when the youngest were.” But mostly Generation Y is a made-up generation when it became obvious that young kids didn’t really fit with the cool Generation X aesthetic but not enough of them had been born to make a new generation designation. NOTE:Generation Y is a fake, made-up thing. Do not worry about it.

Millennials. In October 2004, researchers Neil Howe and William Strauss calledMillennials “the next great generation,” which is funny. They define the group as “as those born in 1982 and approximately the 20 years thereafter.” In 2012, they affixed the end point as 2004.

TBD. But that means that kids born in the last 10 years lack a designation. Theyare not Millennials. Earlier this month, Pew Research asked people what the group should be called and offered some terrible ideas. In other words, this is the new Generation Y. We’ll figure out what they’re called in the future.

Here, we made a helpful chart.

There you have it. The experts say the media get to determine when generations happen, and we’re the media. We also get to say which generations are the worst, and the Millennials are the worst. But you already knew that.

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Theresa J Morris TJ Morris Radio CosmosRadioOrg
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Now IN cyberspace we are asked how we identify as a male, female, or other/ I choose to share I am wearing a female humanoid sentient intelligent being body. After playing Warcraft and having several avatar bodies to choose from I recognize in cyberspace we can identify as just about anything.

However, in  3 D life on the planet we now commonly call  home or planet earth I inside relate to another place in space above this universe.

Why do I do this? It stems from my inner identity with self and soul. Some people may believe that I watched too much Star Trek or Stargate. Actually I was also a fan of X Files but I do identify with those who may remember Q.

We all have various levels and worlds in which we live. I have had a colorful life in this lifetime. I am sharing my stories in books now as my publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg of UFO Digest, Toronto, Canada has passed over.

My first husband worked at NASA. My life partner, husband as a legal spouse has died. I was the mother of four daughters with the late Steven Lee Parrish, born June 21, 1949 in Knoxville, Tennessee.   I miss him.

Then married Thomas R. Morris, my second life partner, husband and legal spouse and he recently died after being with me since March 1995. Time went by quick!

I had a three other husbands Carl Johnson, Phillip Stephen Havelka, and Gerald Orr. I know  Jerry or Gerald Died not sure about the other two. I lived with Mostafa Niknafs during my college years  but he was a Muslim and would not marry me on paper. I am one of those women that thought she should be married. I am glad to get the relationships with human men behind me. Regardless of what people may believe about women in general, I wanted  to be with a mate and preferred to be married. I was kind and loving, was a good sex partner and   rarely raised my voice and did not like to argue. My first husband was doing one life in public, one in private, and I did not find out about it until children later. I guess I admit I was not happy about it and divorced him. My right in America when a man is not well loyal.

So, that  gets all the skeletons and name changes out of the dark secret closet. That has nothing to do with who I Really AM! I never identified  inside as only a wife and mother. My earth mother shared with me before she died that “We are the authors of our own life story!”

This was her last departing words to me before she died May 4, 2011. My father died December 9, 2011. I believe it had to  be that way on this planet so I could finish my life purpose on earth. One they would not approve of since I was their first daughter. I had a good life and was raised in an average middle class home and went to public schools and went to church on Sundays. My internal  plan has just recently kicked in gear to go Common and Public with my own life story an ET Contactee or Alien Contact Experiencer. I have had many jobs and am now going to concentrate on my writing and speaking.

I was asked to share some of my story in the past on radio shows but only committed to three before I began my own radio show on blogtalk I began it a TJ Morris ET Radio. My brand is TJ Morris ACIR.

Now I have my era cop blog where I enjoy sharing what I find to be interesting in this era of time. I will write more about my life as an Experiencer here. I may be known as the founder of the Ascension Age, Alien Contact Org, Era Cop, Ascension Center Church which believes that “Alien Civilizations Exist!”

My truth is stranger than fiction and my truth involves the aliens and ETs or angels and guides as avatars or holograms that have guided me in this life.

I died when I was in second grade from Hepatitis and all the blood was cleaned in my body with a machine they brought up from New Orleans to St. Francis Hospital, in Monroe, Louisiana. It was a very big deal and I know that the beings were visiting me and were overhead in the hospital room.

I know I changed at that time and Had to learn to walk and talk all over again.

The next year in the summer I went to White Sands, New Mexico. This time I saw more people who at that time I thought they looked like angels or people not of earth who were visiting but I was taught it was a secret because they came and went in a flying saucer. I thought the male on board ship was my father. I related the paternal ways of my earth father as the same feeling inside emotionally.

This was not the first time they visited me. They came when I was about ready to begin school and was looking forward to the first grade. They called me telepathically -and I was lead to an empty lot  one house over where I fell into a deep sleep.  I remember I was on a spacecraft  and I wanted to stay with them. I had to go back into my child body which laid in the field next to my home. I was sad because I had to stay on earth. My grandmother and Aunt and Uncle were called to find me since I was missing.

This is the beginning of my life story with Janet Kira Lessin assisting me in editing and support.


The following table summarizes area and population of each continent using the seven continent model, sorted by decreasing area.[28]

Continent Area (km²) Area (mi²) Percent
Population Percent
total pop.
People per
People per
Most populous
city (proper)
Asia 43,820,000 16,920,000 29.5% 4,164,252,000 60% 95.0 246 Shanghai, China
Africa 30,370,000 11,730,000 20.4% 1,022,234,000 15% 33.7 87 Lagos, Nigeria
North America 24,490,000 9,460,000 16.5% 542,056,000 8% 22.1 57 Mexico City,Mexico
South America 17,840,000 6,890,000 12.0% 392,555,000 6% 22.0 57 São Paulo, Brazil
Antarctica 13,720,000 5,300,000 9.2% 4,490[29] 0% 0.0003 0.00078 McMurdo Station,US
Europe 10,180,000 3,930,000 6.8% 738,199,000 11% 72.5 188 Moscow,Russia[30]
Australia 9,008,500 3,478,200 5.9% 29,127,000 0.4% 3.2 8.3 Sydney, Australia

Source: wikipedia

There are numerous ways of distinguishing the continents:

Continents vide couleurs.png

Color-coded map showing the various continents. Similar shades exhibit areas that may be consolidated or subdivided.
4 continents[13]     Afro-Eurasia    America   Antarctica   Australia
5 continents
  Africa    Eurasia    America   Antarctica   Australia
6 continents[17]   Africa   Europe   Asia    America   Antarctica   Australia
6 continents
  Africa    Eurasia   North America   South America   Antarctica   Australia
7 continents
  Africa   Europe   Asia   North America   South America   Antarctica   Australia

The terms Oceania or Australasia are sometimes substituted for Australia to denote a region encompassing the Australian continent and various islands in the Pacific Ocean that are not included in the seven-continent model. For example, the Atlas of Canada names Oceania,[20] as does the model taught in France, Italy, Greece,[17] the Ibero-American countries (Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Hispanic America), China, and South Korea.


Definitions and application

A Dymaxion map shows land masses with minimal shape distortion

By convention, “continents are understood to be large, continuous, discrete masses of land, ideally separated by expanses of water.”[2] Many of the seven most commonly recognized continents identified by convention are not discrete landmasses separated completely by water. The criterion “large” leads to arbitrary classification: Greenland, with a surface area of 2,166,086 square kilometres (836,330 sq mi) is considered the world’s largest island, while Australia, at 7,617,930 square kilometres (2,941,300 sq mi) is deemed the smallest continent.

The Earth’s major landmasses all have coasts on a single, continuous world ocean, which is divided into a number of principal oceanic components by the continents and various geographic criteria.[3][4]

Extent of continents

The most restricted meaning of continent is that of a continuous[5] area of land or mainland, with the coastline and any land boundaries forming the edge of the continent. In this sense the term continental Europe (sometimes “the Continent”) is used to refer to mainland Europe, excluding islands such as Great Britain, Ireland, Malta and Iceland, and the term continent of Australia may refer to the mainland of Australia, excluding Tasmania and New Guinea. Similarly, the continental United States refers to the 48 contiguous states in central North America and may include Alaska in the northwest of the continent (the two being separated by Canada), while excluding Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

From the perspective of geology or physical geography, continent may be extended beyond the confines of continuous dry land to include the shallow, submerged adjacent area (the continental shelf)[6] and the islands on the shelf (continental islands), as they are structurally part of the continent.[7]

From this perspective the edge of the continental shelf is the true edge of the continent, as shorelines vary with changes in sea level.[8] In this sense the islands of Great Britain and Ireland are part of Europe, while Australia and the island of New Guinea together form a continent.

As a cultural construct, the concept of a continent may go beyond the continental shelf to include oceanic islands and continental fragments. In this way, Iceland is considered part of Europe and Madagascar part of Africa. Extrapolating the concept to its extreme, some geographers group the Australasian continental plate with other islands in the Pacific into one continent called Oceania. This divides the entire land surface of the Earth into continents or quasi-continents.[9]

Map of island countries: these states are often grouped geographically with a neighboring continental landmass

Separation of continents

The ideal criterion that each continent be a discrete landmass is commonly relaxed due to historical conventions. Of the seven most globally recognized continents, only Antarctica and Australia are completely separated from other continents by ocean. Several continents are defined not as absolutely distinct bodies but as “more or lessdiscrete masses of land”.[10] Asia and Africa are joined by the Isthmus of Suez, and North and South America by the Isthmus of Panama. In both cases, there is no complete separation of these landmasses by water (disregarding the Suez Canaland Panama Canal, which are both narrow and shallow, as well as being man-made). Both these isthmuses are very narrow compared to the bulk of the landmasses they unite.

North America and South America are treated as separate continents in the seven-continent model. However, they may also be viewed as a single continent known as America or the Americas. This viewpoint was common in the United States until World War II, and remains prevalent in some Asian six-continent models.[11] This remains the more common vision in Latin American countries, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece, where they are taught as a single continent.

The criterion of a discrete landmass is completely disregarded if the continuous landmass of Eurasia is classified as two separate continents: Europe and Asia. Physiographically, Europe and South Asia are peninsulas of the Eurasian landmass. However, Europe is widely considered a continent with its comparatively large land area of 10,180,000 square kilometres (3,930,000 sq mi), while South Asia, with less than half that area, is considered a subcontinent. The alternative view—in geology and geography—that Eurasia is a single continent results in a six-continent view of the world. Some view separation of Eurasia into Europe and Asia as a residue of Eurocentrism: “In physical, cultural and historical diversity, China and India are comparable to the entire European landmass, not to a single European country. […]”[12] However, for historical and cultural reasons, the view of Europe as a separate continent continues in several categorizations.

If continents are defined strictly as discrete landmasses, embracing all the contiguous land of a body, then Asia, Europe and Africa form a single continent which may be referred to as Afro-Eurasia. This produces a four-continent model consisting of Afro-Eurasia, America, Antarctica and Australia.

When sea levels were lower during the Pleistocene ice ages, greater areas of continental shelf were exposed as dry land, forming land bridges. At those times Australia–New Guinea was a single, continuous continent. Likewise the Americas and Afro-Eurasia were joined by the Bering land bridge. Other islands such as Great Britain were joined to the mainlands of their continents. At that time there were just three discrete continents: Afro-Eurasia-America, Antarctica, and Australia-New Guinea.

Regarding Era of Change and the Pulse of Bias Thoughts

Saturday Night Dance turns to a killing spree on  early Sunday about 2 AM,  June 12, 2016 -A Hate Crime of Killing happens at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida.

A gunman opened fire on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday morning, killing at least 50 people in the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history before being shot dead by police.

Obama: ‘An Attack On Any American … Is An Attack On All Americans’

The suspected shooter has been identified by authorities as Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old U.S. citizen who had previously been interviewed by the FBI over possible ties to a terrorist. Officials told NPR that Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call before the attack.

Over the past several days, Mateen legally purchased a long gun and a handgun, the ATF said during a news conderence. During the attack, the shooter was armed with an AR-15-style rifle and a handgun.

The welcoming and open hearts of the LGBT Community or Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender Global Community is sharing their compassion with the world as they mourn with all of us. Culture is changing in the eyes of digital online shares while we listen to the news in broadcast media and social media. A terrible tragedy of death and killing has made headlines.

What makes us hate enough to kill others of our own kind? A man killed others in night club in Orlando, Florida.

Mass Shooting: Orlando False Flag?

Omar Mateen, a 29 year old husband and father has been killed due to his choice of killing 49 people and injuring as many as reported count of 53. The world is interested in this story because it has strong energy of hate and bias as a mirror of humanity.

We heard of the man entering a night club called the Pulse that caters to a certain clientele mostly of the Orlando Florida LGBT Community.


  1. a social order that depends upon relations of patronage; in particular, a political approach that emphasizes or exploits such relations.

This story is now of world interest. We are speaking about what makes a person do such a thing? What makes a man feel so much hate as an emotion that he would kill and be killed?

We will hear political agendas now about taking the world to a more controlled place and freedom challenged of individuals because of one man’s way of thinking and acting upon his thoughts.

We have heard of the FBI looking into his profile and background. We have heard from the man who sold the weapons to the man who killed.

We are hearing of his father’s story to many reporters and making news.

We all must consider what makes a person do these things and to learn from this story. What we learn and how we respond now is baed on our own collective humanity in this era to time.


Some people are already sharing conspiracy theories of this man being programmed by a larger program to be played out in cases now regarded as “False Flags posed by brainwashing”/

Dialectical behavior therapy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a therapy designed to help people change patterns of behavior that are not helpful, such as self-harm, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse.[1] This approach works towards helping people increase their emotional and cognitive regulation by learning about the triggers that lead to reactive states and helping to assess which coping skills to apply in the sequence of events, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to help avoid undesired reactions. DBT assumes that people are doing the best they can but are either lacking the skills or influenced by positive or negative reinforcement that interfere with their ability to function appropriately.

DBT is a modified form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), that was developed in late 1970s by Marsha M. Linehan,[2] a psychology researcher at the University of Washington, to treat people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and chronically suicidal individuals. Although research on its effectiveness in treating other conditions has been extremely limited, DBT is now used in a variety of psychological treatments including treatment for traumatic brain injuries (TBI), eating disorders, and mood disorders.[3][4] Scant research indicates that DBT might have some effect on patients who present varied symptoms and behaviors associated with spectrum mood disorders, including self-injury.[5] Recent work also suggests its effectiveness with sexual abuse survivors[6] and chemical dependency.[7]

DBT combines standard cognitive behavioral techniques for emotion regulation and reality-testing with concepts of distress tolerance, acceptance, and mindful awareness largely derived from Buddhist meditative practice. DBT is the first therapy that has been experimentally demonstrated to be generally effective in treating BPD.[8][9] The first randomized clinical trial of DBT showed reduced rates of suicidal gestures, psychiatric hospitalizations, and treatment drop-outs when compared to treatment as usual.[4] A meta-analysis found that DBT reached moderate effects in individuals with borderline personality disorder.[10]



JUST SOME OF THE STORY LINKS I took from my Google browser source:

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The New York Times

23 hours ago – Timeline of Orlando Nightclub Attack. A gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 more in an attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday.ORLANDO, Fla.

Orlando shooting: 49 killed, shooter pledged ISIS allegiance –


1 day ago – Several injured in Florida nightclub shooting. Orlando, Florida (CNN)An American-born man who’d pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 49 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub inOrlando, the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation’s worst terror attack since …

Orlando nightclub shooting: What motivated Omar Mateen? –


19 hours ago – The worst mass shooting in U.S. history was carried out at Pulse, a gay nightclub, by Omar Mateen — a man the FBI had previously investigated.

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18 hours ago – (CNN) President Barack Obama will travel to Orlando Thursday. Reports say theOrlando shooter visited the club where the massacre took …

2016 Orlando nightclub shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


On June 12, 2016, a terrorist attack in the form of a mass shooting occurred at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Forty-nine people were murdered and …

Orlando nightclub shooting: Read about the victims – Orlando Sentinel…orlandoshooting/…/os-pulse-nightclub…

Orlando Sentinel

4 hours ago – Read about the victims of mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Fact check: Donald Trump on the Orlando shooting – USA Today…orlandoshooting/85887130/

USA Today

2 hours ago – A day after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., Donald Trump made a series of false statements, misstatements and …

Orlando nightclub shooting: What we know Tuesday evening…/orlandoshooting…/85861818/

USA Today

3 hours ago – Authorities are continuing to investigate the mass shooting at a gay nightclub Sunday inOrlando that left 49 victims plus the shooter dead.

Orlando gunman had used gay dating app and visited LGBT nightclub …

Kevin West, a regular at Pulse nightclub, said Omar Mateen messaged him on and off for a year before the shooting using the gay chat and …

Orlando Shooting Victims: Their Names And Their Stories : The Two ……/06/…/heres-what-we-know-about-the-orlandoshooting-victims

On Sunday morning, a gunman at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Fla., perpetrated the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history …

More Details Emerge About Omar Mateen, the Orlando Gunman – The …

Mourners hold candles during a vigil downtown for the victims of a mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub on Monday in Orlando, Florida. David …

Speaking of Origin of Knowledge of ET

What more do we need to know? Knowledge is power. We can be here now and know of the eternal bliss of knowing.

The stories we know about in the history of human kind are written for us to find and to determine that which we may be able to define a our origin.

No one comes to this planet with all the answers in tact in their memories.

Memories are only one part of the system in which we learn to control.

If we are essence and bio photons as energy after all that cannot be destroyed and we come from that which was our original creators can it be said in spiritual science that the stories we accept in our cultures on blind faith are all that we know?

It is my understanding as a creature called a humanoid sentient intelligent being. I am told that this is a construct that is here in this place in space as a planet among many.

My point of view is centered in what in my location in the USA among my Christian heritage that I do have free will and that I will ascend as a believer. Therefore I desire to believe in Ascension.

Is this of ET origin? I believe it is.

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