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ERA COP Acronym for Educational Research Association Community Online Press.   We are using television, internet, podcasts and other new technologies to reach others by getting the word out of people we can trust to deliver our education of our world. We also certify our agents, authors, coaches, consultants, event planners and organizers, webmasters.  We… Read more: About Us


LINK: http://blogtalkradio.com/tjmorrisetradio   Cosmos Connection on Revolution Radio Link:  http://www.freedomslips.com  Go to Studio B at 6-8 EASTERN on this link to listen. To book your author on our radio shows please email Theresa J Morris TJMorrisAgency@gmail.com

MEMBERSHIP – Certification 2018

  Depending on which peer review journal you subscribe too as a volunteer, will determine which area of our annual convention you show up and become certified for with your expert skills. In the past we shared Ascension Center Education of HAWAII . We are now furthering our Certification to the entire USA. Our main… Read more: MEMBERSHIP – Certification 2018

ERA COP- Time Travel a Part of ACO Club Annual Conference 2018-2019

Request for Proposal The Project: ACO will begin growing our membership spiritual science products and services. We as individual author’s share the ACO Author’s Club Organization. We also share our Broadcast Media Network with affiliate hosts of radio shows. We will begin by asking our authors where they will be marketing their own books with… Read more: ERA COP- Time Travel a Part of ACO Club Annual Conference 2018-2019

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  We are using television, internet, podcasts and other new technologies to reach others with the ACO Association of our members in our peer review groups for spiritual trade association. We share our author’s book writers ACO CLUB. We are dedicated to helping people everywhere be inspired and rediscover their true purpose in life.  … Read more: SPEAKER Theresa J Morris

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 theory of meaning.[5] (more….)    News line-height:1.3em line-height:1.3em FA and review  Featured articles Autism Cerebellum Free will Milgram experiment Psychosis Schizophrenia Synapse Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophy of mind Hilary Putnam Peer review Dream People Neurosciences Hans Berger Korbinian Brodmann Jean-Pierre Changeux John Carew Eccles Gerald M. Edelman Donald O. Hebb David H. Hubel Ted Jones Eric R…. Read more: ACO Communications on ERA COP Journal

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 ERA COP Wokipedia with Theresa J Morris will direct you to the topics we enjoy the most. Theresa J Morris supports Wikipedia and the open source non-profit organization and it’s volunteers. We all give a minimum of $3.00. Please donate $5.00 annually and if you can monthly. Thank you. If everyone reading this gave $3, we… Read more: ERA COP Wokipedia with Theresa J Morris

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TJ Morris Media ACO Integrated News-Publishing-Education-Entertainment-Radio-Social Web Presence TJ Morris Media About Us Cart Checkout Contact Us My Account News Shop TJ Morris Media Promotes Events ACE Metaphysical Institute Cosmos Expo Magazine Theresa J Morris TJ Morris ET Radio on BTR UFO Secret Space Journal Freedom Slips Revolution Radio Aquarian Radio Rob Moore Posted on November… Read more: Rob Moore

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ACO epublishing research administrator and agent is Theresa J Morris, TJMorrisAmerican@gmail.com TJ Morris dba ACIR ·        Florida ·        ACO ASSOCIATION 501 (c) 3 FOR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS, INC.- Education ·       TJ Morris Media News Publishing -ACO Club -ACIR Reporters- American Communications-TJ Morris Media  American production company, specializing in documentary, reality, and non-fiction broadcasting and spiritual science… Read more: ERA COP Peer Review Journal

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  Want to know who to know and where to go? We share the Cosmos Expo to allow others to know how our friends share the Cosmos. We are universal life souls interested in spiritual science and cosmology. We share the mysteries in life. We share the supernatural, phenomenology, parapsychology, metaphysics, science, and most of… Read more: Theresa J Morris’s ACO Club