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    [caption id="attachment_336" align="alignnone" width="160"] ACO
    American Communications Organization[/caption]

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    ACO Association[/caption]


    [caption id="attachment_446" align="alignnone" width="500"] ERA COP
    TJ Morris Radio
    TJ Morris ET Radio
    Cosmos Radios Network
    Cosmos Connection[/caption]

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    Welcome to the largest group on writing and reading books. It is for book writers from book writers. Interact with other authors and make great professional and personal relationships, ask for help for your projects, find editors and illustrators or even beta readers for your work. You will also learn how to build your author platform and find new readers using social media.

    This group is used as a platform for learning and interacting with other writers; not for selling books or promoting books to them. You can sign your posts with your twitter account or the name of your book in any post to let people know about your social media activities and your book.


    If you want to thrive and be a star in the group, you need to start and participate in smart conversations. Interact with other authors, leave great comments and start smart and interesting posts. This will guarantee a following and hundreds, even thousands of new posts and followers.


    Do you want thousands of views and hundreds of discussions on your post? It’s easy. Just start an interesting and engaging post that will be beneficial to other writers. We’ll find it and feature it. If you think you have a great post and we did not feature it let us know. We probably missed it.


    Rules on Promotions on LinkedIn has changed.
    “Removal of Promotions Tab
    General member feedback indicates that promotional content in LinkedIn Groups isn’t a valuable experience, as it can quickly lead to spam. In an effort to focus on quality conversations, we’ve removed the Promotions tab.”

    We suggest to all members of the Books & Writers group who want to promote books or articles you can go to our subscribe as a member and promote all your books and articles you want. For more information send us an email at


    We believe in self-moderation – this means group members moderate this group with the help of several managers. As a group member you can flag any discussion you feel is promotion, job, or that just doesn’t belong in a post. If you find your post going to moderation it means group members flagged your post. Please don’t use foul language or hate language as you will be flagged by other members for moderation immediately. We do have several official moderators. If you’re interested in officially moderating the group let us know. We have several moderators. Please treat our moderators with respect, they are here to make the group a better place for you and everyone else. Their moderation decisions are final as we trust their judgment.


    Please note if you’re flagged in other groups LinkedIn might flag your profile for moderation in every single group. This happens often. If this is your case you will have to send us an email and let us know so we can go to the group and manually approve you to post.


    Spam posts and discussions will be deleted or moved to promotion immediately. This includes duplicate posts, off-topic posts, sales pitches with no real content, boycotting, and posts used for promotion or attention. The members of the group decide what is acceptable and what is not, using flags to report inappropriate behavior democratically.



    We began June 3, 2012 with only about 7 people promote the Ascension Age, Ascension Center Org, Ascension Psychic TJ Morris, ACIR, ACO.

    We shared a vision to share in an annual event and we all agreed to call it Stargate to the Cosmos. Janet Lessin purchased the website name with her non-profit account.

    Now in 2018, we will try to get this off the ground with her doing a “GO FUND ME”. I put in $25.00 as the first contributor.

    If you can attend our Albuquerque, New Mexico 2018 event, go the GO FUND ME for Janet Lessin.

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