MEMBERSHIP – Certification 2018


Depending on which peer review journal you subscribe too as a volunteer, will determine which area of our annual convention you show up and become certified for with your expert skills.

In the past we shared Ascension Center Education of HAWAII .

We are now furthering our Certification to the entire USA. Our main headquarters is in FLORIDA.

If you want to be recognized in our peer review journals please allow us to know of your location by region and how you will participate. We at present offer our authors and writers a place to add contributions to earn By-lines with our groups.

Also, regarding our speakers we share our toastmaster associates a chance to speak on our radio shows. Also, our members may share their own talents, information, and speechcraft on our radio shows. Many now are authors who have joined in our past years development of our ACO Club.

We will share the ACO Association under brands with speechcraft on various topics depending on our members expertise in skills, talents, and knowledge.

ERA COP Education Research Association Community Online Press – Peer Review Journals. A division of ACO Association International Inc.

American Communications Organization


ERA COP is our peer review journal and we post our developments here on various topics our members are most interested in. If you would like to volunteer please observe and peruse our Articles and By-laws.

The development project management plans to distinguish our various researchers and our Investigative Reporters, and Writers, Copywriters, Agents, and Editors.

We are in the process of organizing with our Mission Committee and our Event Planners and Organizers for our global events and webinars. We will begin our live streaming along with our radio shows on the topics we will share here.

ERA COP Journal

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