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Precog Pyramid Power People Project

Precog Pyramid Power People Project Begins as the AscensionAge ACO Events

TJ Morris Publishing
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Precog power pyramids of the Ascension Age


Powering Up the Grid

By Theresa J Thurmond Morris


Everyone exists for a reason. Each person is a power conduit.

It is time in space to answer the call of the Ascension Age.

Each humanoid sentient intelligent being can become great. We now have a way to know more together than a part. The tribe of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species has a purpose. Much like bees work together and ants work together it is a natural process to tune in to that which mother nature and natures God provides us all. The power to know of the wisdom of the ages and that is what we do when great minds thing alike. We can affect the entire planet and all that we desire to happen including the weather.

We will now begin bringing all the countries together for a common goal of survival of not only the planet but the species. Those who study the ancient cultures origin and those who study the energy and how we all shape the future can be recorded again. There are those who already study the power and energy that is released into the atmosphere. There are those who have watched and traced the thoughts of all of us working together. The great emotional grid of us all is connected to know and feel together as we are natural born empathics.

We are all equipped to know and to have precognition. We are all going to learn how to become precogs. I have lived before and life after life is a way of remembering our greatness together. The Ascension Psychic Awakening Classes will now begin. Everyone is a psychic. Everyone has the power and not everyone uses it. Now is the time for those who know of their own reincarnation to come forth. We will now begin recruiting and training with the Global Pyramid Conference in September in Chicago, Illinois and the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We share an invitation to the world to become a global phenomenon that will reshape the future with our visionaries. We will then all meet at the Cosmos Expos to share in a world trade expo of the future and have a world’s Science Fair with both products and services displays along with the arts and talents of the people who have fun in life sharing their souls’ journey.


 I will begin tomorrow in a very small way introducing this at a Meet Up Group in our Libraries.

Theresa J Morris
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